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I have created an independent study entitled Great Singers: The Ambiguity of Fächer at Lawrence University this term under the direction of Professor Bonnie Koestner. The purpose of this independent study is to look at great singers of the recorded era who have crossed between fächer or even broader voice categories either due to versatility at a given time or changes throughout their career. I will be studying two singers a week, moving through voice types as the term progresses, listening to or watching them sing both full roles and excerpts. I will also be looking for reviews of performances, books or journal articles on their singing, and anything they may have written about their own singing. I will then be writing up a summary of my findings combined with my own impressions. I will end the term with a formal academic paper, but these summaries are informal and lack citations. I will post them every week and then post the final paper once it is written.


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