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High and Low: Beethoven's Missa Solemnis at the Kennedy Center

This was my first time attending Beethoven's Missa Solemnis in a live performance, a work so often overshadowed by the Beethoven's Sympthony No. 9, not only throughout history, but on the very night the two premiered simultaneously. Once again, Anne Midgette of the Washington Post offers an insightful review that focuses a great deal on the nature of the work itself; I will focus more on the performance.

General information:

Missa solemnis | Ludwig van Beethoven Soprano | Julia Sophie Wagner Mezzo-Soprano | Daniela Mack Tenor | Vale Rideout Bass | Kevin Thompson Violin | Nurit Bar-Josef
Conductor | Julian Wachner Washington Chorus & Orchestra
Presented in the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The ensemble for the evening was led by Julian Wachner, who conducted with an economy of motion that nevertheless communicated a cle…

Just A Touch of Magic: Puccini's La bohème at the Washington National Opera

First, I apologize for the long hiatus in posts. I have not had much opportunity to see live opera since being back at Lawrence University in Wisconsin and in Arlington, Virginia. The conclusion of my schooling did offer a few of the previous scholarly posts. Now, however, being in Washington, D.C., more actual reviews will be forthcoming. I will be seeing Beethoven's Missa Solemnis this weekend and will post on that shortly, as well.

In the meantime, a review of Washington National Opera's La bohème at the Kennedy Center. This was my first time at the Kennedy Center opera house and I was surprised how small it is. All in all, that's really not a bad thing, just surprising for such a key performing space in the United States. I will write my own review, but Anne Midgette's November 2 review in the Washington Post was spot on, so I've included a link here:…