Starting in the Dry Season

This is, perhaps, an inopportune time to start out a blog about opera. The season is wrapping up; even the prolific Metropolitan Opera is winding down its season for the year. However, for the opera lover, any time is a time for opera. Much of opera even deals with the travails of spring and summer. Young lovers often meet during this time, warm sun reminds us of Aida, and A Midsummer Night's Dream certainly occurred during this time. Therefore with this post and those to follow, I will unreservedly present opera through summer and beyond!

This blog will attempt to offer something to both the consummate lover of opera and the beginner just becoming interested in the genre. Profiling artists, reviewing recordings, discussing the industry, talking about performances, etc. can give both an experienced member of the community new things to investigate while also introducing opera's rich history and variety to a newcomer.

I've decided to keep this post short before diving into anything, but please know there are lots of exciting things to come, so stay tuned!


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